Chris Stoltzfus

Chris Stoltzfus

Horse Barns In Montana

brown horse barn

Comfort and Luxury For Your Horses At Your Fingertips What Is A Horse Barn?  A horse barn is an outdoor structure where horses can reside and be cared in. They usually have stalls or pens for the horses to sleep…

9 Man Cave Shed Ideas

man cave shed montana structures
If you are wondering what you can grow inside a portable greenhouse in Montana, get ready to not only come away with a few seasonal lists, but also efficiency tips for using your greenhouse in the gorgeous, yet cold-tempered Montana. Also, if you are currently on the hunt for a portable greenhouse in Montana, check out the locally made greenhouses at the end of this blog.

3D Shed Builder – Design The Perfect Storage Shed

3d shed builder brookside montana structures shed
A 3D Shed Builder is a digital tool that allows you to create your own customized storage shed design from scratch. You can customize virtually everything with a 3D Shed Builder like size, color, door style, trim, windows, flooring, interior shelves, and more. A 3D Shed Builder is what you can use on a website to design the exact storage shed that you want.

Small Cabins for Sale

lofted cabins small cabins

Should you buy or DIY? You type “small cabin for sale” into your browser, and you find a shack that looks like it is going to fall over. Nope, not what you are looking for, so you scroll down and…

7 Awesome She Shed Ideas

perfect gardening she shed

She sheds are trending and there are good reasons why. Women also need to retreat sometimes and find some solitude. The modern woman finds this comes with challenges. She needs a place with some privacy so she can focus and…