5 Best Portable Garage Sizes

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Finding the correct garage for your situation is a journey. Because every need is different, it is important to think ahead to find the right building for you and your property. You don’t want to wake up one day to realize that your garage does not fulfill the purpose that you need it for. In this article, we will look at common questions that every future garage owner asks in the purchasing journey. As you explore potential portable garage options, find the one that makes your life easier and creates the best environment for your property!

What Are Portable Garages?


Portable garages are detached prebuilt structures that function as garages. They are used for vehicle storage, project workspaces, yard and garden equipment storage, and shelter for family gatherings. Portable garages are versatile and functional in every situation if you get a well-built building. 

Some people think of a lightweight carport, but they won’t be able to offer more than temporary storage for your vehicle. At Montana Structures, we build portable garages that are permanent and will provide a vast range of opportunities.

What Is The Best Portable Garage Size For Storing Multiple Vehicles?


The best portable garage size if you want to store multiple vehicles is a 20 x 20 Double Wide Garage. This building (pictured above) has two garage doors side by side to give easy access for two vehicles. For more vehicles, we recommend a 24 x 40 building that will allow two vehicles on each side with enough space for shelving or a workbench as well. 

Another option would be our typical 12 x 32 Utility Garage with a Garage Door at each end to provide access on both ends. This gives room for two vehicles if you don’t have enough room for a double-wide garage.

What Is The Best Portable Garage Size For A Workshop?


The best portable Garage size for a workshop is a 12 x 24 Lofted Barn Garage. This size will give enough room for a nice size workbench and equipment such a drill press, table grinder, welder, and chop saw. Additionally, you still have enough room to pull a vehicle in to work on it. Also, the lofted ceiling gives you the ability to add storage areas in the loft areas. 

If you would like to close the garage door while you work on pickup trucks, we recommend going with a bigger size, such as the 14 x 28 Lofted Barn Garage. This provides extra room to accommodate the size of your truck, making it a more comfortable workspace. See our full list of Options and Addons for our portable buildings.

What Is The Best Portable Garage For Vehicles?


Garages are primarily known for vehicle storage. However not all vehicles need the same amount of storage space as they are different sizes. Below, we match the type of vehicle with the correct size of garage you need. All measurements below are averages and do not include mirrors in the dimensions. To be sure, measure your vehicles to make sure they will fit. 

Best For Sedans

MakeModelWidth by Length  Minimum Garage SizeComfortable Garage Size
ToyotaYaris5.75’ x 13.5’12 x 1614 x 20
FordFocus6.0’ x 14.5’12 x 2014 x 24
KiaForte6.0’ x 15.25’12 x 2014 x 24
FordFusion6.0’ x 16.0’12 x 2014 x 24
HondaAccord6.0’ x 16.25’12 x 2014 x 24
ChevroletImpala6.0’ x 16.75’12 x 2014 x 28

Cars don’t require a large building to house. Most should be able to fit in a 12’ x 16’ garage; however, that is just room for your vehicle. If you would like room to be able to fit a workbench or equipment inside, we recommend a 14’ x 28’ portable garage.

Best For Hatchbacks

MakeModelWidth by Length  Minimum Garage SizeComfortable Garage Size
VWGolf6.0’ x 14.0’12 x 1614 x 20
Mazda3 Hatchback6.0’ x 14.75’12 x 2014 x 24
SubaruImpreza5.8’ x 14.75’12 x 2014 x 24
NissanVersa5.75’ x 14.75’12 x 2014 x 24

Hatchbacks tend to be compact and most will comfortably fit in a 14 x 24. This will give you room to store other things, especially if you get a lofted barn garage. A 14’x 24’ will give enough room to have some shelving and a small workbench.

Best For SUVs

MakeModelWidth by Length  Minimum Garage SizeComfortable Garage Size
HyundaiVenue5.8’ x 13.25’12 x 1614 x 20
HondaCR-V6.2’ x 15.5’12 x 2014 x 24
JeepGrand Cherokee6.5’ x 16.2’ 12 x 2014 x 24
FordExpedition6.75’ x 17.5’12 x 2014 x 28
CadillacEscalade6.75’ x 17.75’12 x 2014 x 28

SUVs can very a significant amount from compact vehicles like the Hyundai Venue to a large vehicle like the Cadillac Escalade. For a small SUV, get a 14’ x 24’ if you want a bit of space for storage as well. For the larger SUVs, we recommend that you get a 14’ x 32’ if you want a workspace in your garage.

Best For Vans

MakeModelWidth by Length  Minimum Garage SizeComfortable Garage Size
ToyotaSienna6.6’ x 17.0’12 x 2014 x 28
HondaOdyssey6.6’ x 17.0’12 x 2014 x 28
DodgeGrand Caravan6.6’ x 17.0’12 x 2014 x 28
FordTransit-3506.75’ x 19.5-22’12 x 2414 x 32

Van can take up a bit of space, especially if they are a 15 passenger. The minimum garage size above will allow you to squeeze your van into the building. If you want to keep your van inside the garage we recommend a 14’ x 28’ Portable Garage, unless it is a large passenger van. For those, a 14’ x 32’ should be a nice space for you.

Best For Small Trucks

MakeModelWidth by Length  Minimum Garage SizeComfortable Garage Size
Ford Ranger6.5’ x 17.6’12 x 2014 x 28
ToyotaTacoma6.25’ x 18.75’12 x 2414  x 28
ChevroletColorado6.5’ x 17.75’12 x 2014 x 28
GMCCanyon6.25’ x 17.75’12 x 2014 x 28 

Small pickups are very convenient to have around. We recommend using a 14’ x 28’ garage for small trucks. This will give enough room for the truck as well as a workbench and some shelving.

Best For Full-Size Pickups (Largest Size)

MakeModelWidth by Length  Minimum Garage SizeComfortable Garage Size
Ram15007.25’ x 20.25’14 x 2414 x 32
FordF-1507.25’ x 20.5’14 x 2414 x 32
ChevroletSilverado 25006.8’ x 22.0’14 x 2814 x 36
GMCSierra 35007.0’ x 21.6’14 x 2414 x 32

The best portable garage size for full-size pickup trucks is a 14’ x 36’ garage. This will give enough room to comfortably get out of your vehicle. Additionally, you will have room for a bench, toolboxes, shelving, and possibly some other equipment. Create the building that will bring the versatile workspace that you need for your projects.

What Is The Best Portable Garage Size For A Family BBQ?

Portable Garages can be an excellent spot to host a BBQ. If your house isn’t quite large enough to invite a crowd over, use your garage space to host the semi-outdoors event. With nice weather, you can enjoy the outdoors while eating inside out of the sun. 

If you like to have large gatherings, a double-wide garage is a great option. This gives you plenty of room to set up several tables or a sitting area with additional space for a small kitchenette or counters. You can still use it as a garage to park two vehicles when you are not using it for a gathering.

How Much Does A Portable Garage Cost?

A Portable Garage costs from $6,900 to $18,000, depending on the size and accessories. The 12 x 20 Utility Garage, a popular size, costs around $8,600 without upgrades, while the 14 x 32 Lofted Garage, another popular option, costs around $16,000 without upgrades.

If you want exact cost estimates, design a building on our 3D Builder. With this tool, you can make the garage that you always dreamed of, adding any customizable features that you would like. At the bottom, you can see an estimate for what the building you designed will cost. You can even submit for a free quote with no obligation on your part! Click below to begin building!

What Is The Biggest Portable Garage Available?

Our Double-Wide Garage is the largest portable garage that Montana Structures offers. This model is available in sizes from 20×20 to 28×40. A 20×20 Double Wide Garage gives enough roof for two vehicles to park with extra space for some shelves. The 28×40 Double Wide Garage has enough room to park your vehicles as well as a full size workshop. If you are looking for plenty of space, the larger style is the way to go.

double-wide-garages-with different sizes-in-tendoy-mt

Portable Garage Sizes And Their Possibilities

How much fits into a 12’x 24’ garage? It may be difficult to visualize how big a measurement is. Below is a layout for different sizes to give you some ideas of what may fit into your new space.

12 x 12 Portable Garage


A 12’x12′ Portable Garage may not be able to house a vehicle, but it has plenty of room for storage and a work area. For more information, read “Everything You Need To Know About 12×12 Sheds

12 x 20 Portable Garage


12’x20′ Portable Garages are a nice fit for a vehicles with a few more areas for storage, yard tools, and work space. For more information, read “12×20 Portable Garages.”

12 x 24 Portable Garage


12 x 32 Portable Garage


14 x 24 Portable Garage


14 x 36 Portable Garage


Do I Need A Foundation For My Portable Garage?

portable garage foundation in montana

Yes, all Portable Garages need foundations for stability and durability. Without foundations, garages will settle at some spots causing the frame to become unlevel. Not only is this detrimental to the garage’s condition, it also makes it difficult for you to use. Doors become hard to open and close and cracks will start to develop in the structure.

There are many different types of foundations to install for your shed. For more information, read our article “Shed Foundations In Montana – The Ultimate Guide” which covers all you need to know about portable garage foundations.

How Do I Pick The Best Portable Garage Size For Myself?

After looking at many Portable Garage styles and sizes, we understand that it can be difficult to know which one works best for you. There are several factors to consider when looking for your next building size.



One of the biggest factors in buying a building is the purpose. What are you planning to do with your garage? If you want to park your vehicle inside or need a large workshop for projects, you may want to consider something around the range of 14’ x 32’.  If you are simply looking for a place to pull your vehicles in partway to work on them, a 12’ x 20’ will be fantastic. The building’s purpose will help determine what size you pick.

Available Space

The space you have available on your property will affect the size of the portable garage you get. We all want a 14’ x 36’ building, but your property may only be able to handle a 12’ x 24’. Make sure that your new garage will fit well on your property. 


Cost is a factor for most of us when buying things, and garages is no different. You may be looking for a Double Wide garage, but may need to get by with a 14’x 36’ with an extra garage door. If you are hoping to stay beneath $10,000, the best garage to consider would be a 12’ x 24’ Utility Garage. For the most cost-effective option, Montana Structures builds a 12’ x 12’ Garage for just over $6,900. 

If your budget is tight, check out our Rent-To-Own options for payment. This is an alternative payment method where you can pay a monthly rental payment for a period of time until the end of the contract when you will take on ownership of the building. We give this option for those who are operating on a tight budget.

What Types of Portable Garages Can I Buy?


Montana Structures builds three types of portable garages: Utility Garage, Lofted Garage, and the Double-Wide Garage. The Utility Garage has a peak style roof while the Lofted Garage has the traditional-style Barn roof. Check out each of our models to see which one you like best.

Montana Structures strives to promote quality craftsmanship, affordable products, and integrity in all our dealings. We do our best to bring you the building that you need for an affordable price. We work hard to make sure that our products are high-quality, so you can rest assured that your building will last for a long time. 

Our company builds a wide range of structures for our customers beyond Portable Garages.  Below is a brief description fo each.

Storage Sheds. Our sheds are used for storage, work areas, or hobby space. We have foru styles: Utility Shed, Lofted Barn, Anaconda Shed, and Mini Barn. 

Prefab Cabins. Our cabins make excellent tiny homes, vacation spots, or hunting lodges and we building them in three styles: Mt. Lair Cabin, Lofted Barn Cabin, Outfitter Cabin. 

Animal Shelters. We build Horse Barns with and without tack rooms, as well as Dog Kennels, and Chicken Houses. 

Greenhouses.  If you want to grow food outside of growing season, we offer Greenhouses build to provide you with greens all year round. 

Poly Furniture. Our Poly Furniture will allow you to relax on the patio or beside the lake or pond. 

If you have any questions about any of our products, please contact us. We love to talk to customers and we would be happy to answer your questions and guide you through the buying process. We look forward to working with you!