Top 46 Horse Feeders & Water Troughs For Your Horse Shelter

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Proper nutrition and hydration are crucial for the health and well-being of your horses. To ensure that your horses receive the best care, it’s essential to invest in high-quality feeders and water troughs. In 2023, there are numerous options available, each designed to cater to specific needs and preferences. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll introduce you to the top 46 horse feeders and water troughs for the year, helping you make informed decisions to enhance your horse care routine.

What Type Of Water Trough Is Best For Your Horse? 

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When it comes to choosing the right water trough for your horses, there are several materials and types to consider: galvanized, heated, rubber, poly, and automatic waterers like the Ritchie WaterMatic. Each has its distinct differences and benefits.

Galvanized Water Troughs

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These are typically made of steel coated with a layer of zinc to prevent rust and corrosion. They are durable, long-lasting, and ideal for outdoor use, making them a popular choice for pastures and paddocks. The galvanized finish adds strength and resistance to harsh weather conditions, making it a reliable option for year-round use. 

3 Best Galvanized Water Troughs

Heated Water Troughs

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Heated troughs are designed to prevent water from freezing during cold winter months. They often come with integrated heating elements or heating mats to keep the water at a suitable temperature for your horses. This feature ensures that your horses have access to liquid water even in freezing conditions, reducing the risk of dehydration.

3 Best Heated Water Troughs

Poly Water Troughs

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Polyethylene troughs are lightweight, easy to transport, and resistant to rust and corrosion. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and come in various shapes and sizes. Poly troughs are known for their affordability and versatility, making them a budget-friendly choice for many horse owners.

4 Best Poly Water Troughs

Automatic Waterers

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Automatic waterers offer a convenient solution for providing a continuous supply of fresh water to your horses. They reduce the need for manual filling and ensure that your horses always have access to clean water. These waterers can be especially useful for large herds or when you’re away from the barn for extended periods.

While all these trough types have their advantages, if I were to promote one, I would recommend the Heated Water Troughs for their crucial role in ensuring your horses’ health during winter. These troughs not only provide a consistent supply of unfrozen water but also reduce the effort and worry associated with breaking ice regularly. Keeping your horses hydrated during cold weather is essential for their well-being, and a heated water trough can make this task significantly more manageable.

5 Best Automatic Water Troughs For Horses

Horse Feeders

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Horse feeders come in various types, each with differences and benefits to cater to different needs. We have catagorized each type of feeder for you depending on what your looking for! 

Traditional Horse Feeders

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Traditional horse feeders have been a staple in equine care for decades. They are valued for their simplicity and reliability. Here’s what makes them special:

Proven Design: Traditional feeders, like the Little Giant Plastic Hook Over Feeder, feature time-tested designs that have proven to be effective over the years. They are often made from durable materials like plastic or metal, ensuring longevity.

Versatility: These feeders can be easily hooked over fences or stall doors, making them versatile and suitable for various environments. Their portability allows you to move them as needed.

Easy Maintenance: Traditional feeders are typically straightforward to clean and maintain, with no complex mechanisms or parts. This makes them a convenient choice for daily feeding.

16 Best Traditional Horse Feeders

Slow Feeders

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Slow feeders are designed to encourage a more natural, gradual consumption of hay or feed. They offer several unique benefits:

3 Benifits of Slow Feeders

Preventing Overeating: Slow feeders like the Hay Chix Slow Feed Hay Net or Derby Originals Slow Feed Hay Net help prevent horses from overeating or gorging on hay, reducing the risk of colic and other digestive issues.

Mimicking Grazing: These feeders mimic the natural grazing behavior of horses, promoting mental stimulation and reducing boredom in stalls or pastures.

Waste Reduction: Slow feeders significantly reduce hay wastage by controlling the rate at which horses consume hay, saving you money on feed costs.

5 Best Slow Feeders

Automatic Feeders

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Automatic feeders have revolutionized horse care by providing a convenient and efficient way to manage feeding routines. Here’s what sets them apart:

3 Benifits of Automatic Feeders

Continuous Supply: Automatic feeders like the Ritchie WaterMatic 150 Automatic Horse Waterer or Ritchie StallFount Waterer ensure a continuous supply of fresh water without the need for manual refilling. This is especially valuable for large herds or when you’re away from the barn.

Labor and Time Savings: They reduce the time and effort required for feeding and watering chores, allowing you to focus on other aspects of horse care.

Consistency: Automatic feeders maintain a consistent feeding schedule, which can be crucial for horses with dietary restrictions or health issues.

3 Best Automatic Horse Feeders 

  • QuickFeed Automatic Horse Feeder Quick Feed will dispense pellets and grain products you can use this as a programmable, automatic livestock feeder.
  • iFEED (1) One Stall Starter Pack The starter pack includes everything needed to get one horse started automatic horse feeder iFEED system.
  • HayHorse Feeders Digital timer allows multiple programming for feeding times and durations. Feed hay to your horses up to 5 times a day. Just set it and forget it.

Specialty Feeders & Treat Dispensers

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Specialty feeders and treat dispensers offer a unique way to engage and entertain your horses:

Entertainment: Toys like the Horsemen’s Pride Jolly Ball and Horsemen’s Pride Amazing Graze Treat Toy dispense treats as horses play, providing both physical activity and mental stimulation.

Interactive Treats: Treat dispensers such as the Manna Pro Horse Stall Snack and Horsemen’s Pride Stall Snack Refills keep horses engaged and entertained, especially during stall confinement.

Supplement Delivery: Specialty feeders like the Fortiflex Mini Pan Feeder for Dogs can double as a small feeder for miniature horses or ponies, allowing for targeted supplement delivery.

Each of these feeder types has its unique advantages, making them special in their own way. The choice ultimately depends on your specific needs, the number of horses you care for, and your preferences in managing their feeding and enrichment.

7 Best Specialty Feeders & Treat Dispensers

Which Product Is Right For Your Needs?

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Choosing the right feeders, water troughs, & accessories for your horses is very important to their care and well-being. In 2023, there is a wide range of options available, from traditional troughs to innovative slow-feeders and toys. Consider your horses’ specific needs, your facility’s setup, and the prevailing weather conditions in your area when making your selections. With the right equipment, you can ensure that your horses receive the nutrition and hydration they need to thrive throughout the year.

How Many Horses Do You Have?

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Before making your final choices, it’s essential to consider factors such as the number of horses you have, their feeding habits, the climate in your region, and the space available in your barn or pasture. Additionally, take into account the ease of cleaning and maintenance, as this will greatly affect your daily routine.

Quality Is Worth The Price

Investing in high-quality feeders and water troughs is not just about convenience; it’s about ensuring that your horses have access to clean water and appropriate nutrition around the clock. A well-thought-out feeding and watering system can help prevent common health issues, such as dehydration and colic, while also reducing food wastage and saving you money in the long run.

Ultimately, the top 46 horse feeders and water troughs for 2023 offer a variety of options to cater to your specific needs. Whether you have a single horse or a large herd, there’s a feeder or trough that will help you provide the best care possible for your equine companions. By choosing wisely and maintaining your equipment diligently, you’ll be well on your way to ensuring the health and happiness of your horses in the coming year and beyond.

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