Horse Barns With Tack Rooms

Horse Barns With Tack Rooms in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming

Single Sloped Animal Shelters With Tack Room

Are you looking for a way to give your horse ranch or farm some modern flare? Take a look at new Single Slope Animal Shelters with a Run In Shed . These animal shelters are designed with a modern look and feel. Created with high quality metal panels, these structures are built to last. With Solid wood for the kick-boards and frame these structures are up to the task of protecting your animals.

Single Slope Animal Shelters | Tack Room

W x LMetal
10 x 166,055
10 x 206,670
12 x 166,210
12 x 206,900
12 x 247,440
12 x 288,135
12 x 328,825

With 2×6 Tongue & Groove Solid Base

We offer an option of a Tongue and Groove Solid Base that can be added for $35 a lineal foot. Contact us for a quote or any questions you may have!

Single Slope Horse Shelter With Tack Room | Colors For Roofing And Siding

Check out the color options that we offer for your animal shelter.  We want to provide you with the freedom to choose the roof and siding color that matches your preference.  These color possibilities are available for any of our single slope animal shelters, and come with a 40 Year warranty. 

Wooden Horse Barns With Tack Rooms

horse barn in montana
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Standard Features of the Horse Barn With Tack Room

One of the most notable features of this horse barn is the tack room. The tack room will come in handy for storing all of your horse care supplies and feed in a convenient location that is easily accessible as you care for your horses. This horse barn also includes many standard features that add value to this building by ensuring that your horse barn will be around as long as your horses. Not what you’re looking for? See our other animal sheds

  • 4 x 4 treated skids: 4 skids
  • Tongue and Groove PerformMax Waterproof Floor in the Tack Room
  • 2 x 4 wall framing 16″ on center
  • LP Smartside Siding with 5/50 Year Warranty! – Painted or Natural Stain
  • 1 x 4 SmartSide or red fir trim
  • 1 – 46”wx73”h single door
  • All doors 2 x 4 framing and adjustable steel braces
  • Keyed door latch & heavy duty hinges
  • Trusses 24″ on center
  • 7/16″ OSB roof sheathing
  • Choice of 30 year dimensional shingles or 40 ~ year metal roof
  • Aluminum drip edge on all roof edges
  • 2 – 8″ x 16″ aluminum air vents (one on each end)

More Horse Barn With Tack Room Photos in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming

Your horse barn can be as unique as you are. But maybe you’re in need of inspiration as you dream about how a horse barn could serve your animals and add value to your property. We would like to do what we can to help you along the path to designing a horse barn that fits your style. We’ve built these horse barns for past customers and would be happy to build a custom horse barn for you! (Or how about a premade green house!)

horse shelter
horse barn in mt
horse barn in montana
horse shelter

Horse Barn Prices with Tack Room

Your horses are valuable enough to make investing in a quality horse barn a wise idea. Your horse barn should protect your horses from the weather and provide a safe and convenient place for you to care for your horses. That’s why you don’t want to waste your resources on a poorly built horse barn. Our horse barns are built to withstand years of heavy use and harsh weather, just like all of our storage sheds

Prices subject to changes.


W x LPainted/StainedRTO Payments
10 x 165,530230
10 x 185,920247
10 x 206,580274
12 x 166,875286
12 x 187,465311
12 x 208,115338
12 x 249,200383
12 x 2810,500438
12 x 3211,950498

Popular Animal Shed Options

Your animals need a place that is customized just for them and you’re the expert on what your animals need. We’ve provided these options to allow you to customize your animal shelter to meet the needs of your animals and make caring for your animals easier for you. We would enjoy discussing your project with you if you have any questions about these options or if you need options that aren’t listed here. This model includes an 8′ tack room for your supplies. 


Add shelves to your shed or garage and keep your life more organized!


Loft sections come in 2 feet segments to help make more space.


36″ Solid Fiberglass Door without Glass (basic) | 36″ Fiberglass 9 Lite Entry Door with Glass

Add Ons

Wood Doors


36″ x 73½” Wood | 60″ x 73½” Double Wood Doors

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Communication was perfect, even over holidays. They build superior quality and delivers. We could not be more impressed with shed quality. Great company, great people and quality product – thank you Jon and… Read more “i wish every company worked this way”

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On April 9th, I received a call from Titus. He stated that he would be at my house at approximately 0900, he showed up about 0915, at the same time, my bank called me and advised that the other company had attempted to remove the funds for the cancelled barn. Titus backed the barn into… Read more “Excellent company and customer service!”


The Craftsmanship is Exquisite!

We just received delivery of our 12×20 Lofted Barn this morning. We had looked at many different companies and we are so glad we decided on a Griffin Creek Structures building! The craftsmanship is exquisite and the whole process from ordering to delivery was amazing. Jon the representative wanted us to be totally satisfied and he took the time to… Read more “The Craftsmanship is Exquisite!”

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