Get your shedding needs catered to personally by our team of professionals

Montana Structures is a local, family owned company that operates in cities like Philipsburg, Montana, Idaho and Wyoming. We focus on personally servicing you and building you beautiful and elegant custom sheds that will meet your individual needs. We have a range of sheds from our main lot to our display lots. If you decide to buy an outdoor structure from us at Montana Structures, you can rest easy knowing that it was built by professionals who take pride in their work. If you’re in the market for a shed in Philipsburg, Montana, we would be happy to help you.



Are you sick of contractors taking full creative control and giving you products you don’t want? We know how frustrating it is to not get your money’s worth and that’s why Montana Structures strives to give customers full creative control and let them build their dream shed, cabin or garage. Instead of taking over and micromanaging everything, we work with clients and guide them so they get what they want, and receive an outdoor structure that’s elegant, professionally built and made to last. 


Check out our 3D Builder to the right which lets you completely customize your shed and lets you view it before it’s even built!