Philipsburg, Montana

Make sure you get your money’s worth with Montana Structures. We have been in the outdoor storage business for 20 years and will provide you with professionally built, durable, and classy sheds that will last for years to come. We value your creative design and custom make your orders so you can be sure that we help achieve your storage goals. Local and family-owned, Montana Structures takes pride in providing customers with high-quality work!


lofted barns in philipsburg

The Lofted Barn is our best-selling outdoor shed. You don’t have to worry anymore about having space for your garden, pool, and lawn equipment. The Lofted Barn will provide room for all of that and more. Built with taller walls, and an overhead loft that runs half the length of the building, this shed will also provide you with an ample amount of overhead storage for smaller items. Check out our 3D Builder and see for yourself how you can customize door placement, paint options, and staining options!


utility sheds in philipsburg

The Prefab Utility Shed comes with our tallest walls so you can be sure that you’ll always have the outdoor storage space you need. With a classic shed design that you’ll be familiar with, the versatility of the prefab utility shed is unmatched. These outdoor storage options also come with heavy duty plywood flooring and an additional overhead loft, the prefab utility shed will handle anything you throw at it. Learn more about our prefab utility sheds.


anaconda sheds in philipsburg

If you need a storage shed in Philipsburg Montana, the Anaconda Shed is an excellent choice. To properly protect your shed from harsh weather conditions, and severe damage, the Anaconda Shed is designed with a wider overhang on the front side. Most popularly used for storing lawn and garden tools, pool equipment, or just about anything else, the Anaconda Shed will make sure you achieve your outdoor storage goals. Take a look at customizable options like wall height and door placement with our 3D Builder. Check out the Anaconda Shed today!


mini barns in philipsburg

If you’re looking for an outdoor storage option that won’t break your bank, the portable mini barn is a great choice for you. Most popularly used to store things like lawn equipment, garden equipment, and even bicycles. The portable mini barn comes with a 2′ loft which will make life easier for you to store smaller items. Sold at a lower price, the portable mini barn is our most economical storage option but don’t let that fool you. The portable mini barn is built with high-quality materials and is as durable as the rest of our sheds. Check out our portable mini barns today!

3D Shed Builder in Philipsburg Montana

Stop giving your money to contractors who rip you off and give you low-quality products. Montana Structures makes sure to give customers full creative control so they get what they really want. Build your own dream shed, garage, or cabin. Instead of trying to micromanage everything, we work with you and guide you to make the process of getting an outdoor storage shed easier. You can rest easy knowing that Montana Structures will provide you with an outdoor structure that is professionally built, elegant, and made to last.

Check out our 3D Builder to design the outdoor shed of your dreams.

Other Outdoor Structures in Philipsburg Montana

garages in philipsburg

Garages in Philipsburg Montana

Not only do we offer beautiful outdoor storage sheds for our customers, but Montana Structures also builds and supplies sturdy garages to keep your car, equipment, and tools safe. Our garage designs include the lofted garage and the utility garage. Our quality-made and cost-effective garages are versatile in every sense of the word. Usable as a workspace for your hobbies or just as simple car storage. Protection from harsh weather conditions and extra space to store things, our garages will make your life easier. Check them out today!

cabins in philipsburg

Cabins in Philipsburg Montana

Elegant, classy, comfortable are just some words to describe the cabins from Montana Structures. Use it as a personal getaway, an extra addition to your home, or even rent it out to local and worldwide travelers. You will get the most out of our cabins and see the experience and professionalism Montana Structures offers. Comfort and happiness are guaranteed and with proper functionality and gorgeous designs, you will fall in love with these charming cabins. Fill all your cabin needs and see for yourself why a Montana Structures cabin is life changing!