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Outdoor Storage Sheds In MT, WY and ID

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Looking for the most popular outdoor storage on the market? Then look no further than our Utility Shed, the best in outdoor storage sheds. 

From typical garden tool storage all the way up to creating your own hobby space, this shed can fit nearly any idea you are having. We can’t wait to build the shed of your dreams, so start designing your shed today by using our 3-D Builder; contact us directly or stop by one of our dealer locations to learn more.

If you want to upgrade to a better roof choice, see our steeper roof option & the larger overhangs.


Outdoor Storage Shed Photos

Standard Features

for Outdoor Storage Sheds

Standard Build Features

  • 4 x 4 treated skids: 8’W (3), 10’W (5), 12’W (5), 14’W (5)
  • 2 x 4 treated joists 16″ on center (Rim Joists Are Treated)
  • Tongue and Groove PerformMax Waterproof Floor
  • 2 x 4 wall framing 16″ on center
  • LP Smartside Siding
  • Keyed door latch & heavy duty hinges
  • Trusses 24″ on center
  • 7/16″ OSB roof sheathing
  • 2 – 8″ x 16″ aluminum air vents (one on each end)
  • Aluminum drip edge on all roof edges
  • Painted or Natural Stain
  • 1 x 4 SmartSide Trim or
  • 1 – 46”wx73”h single door on 8’ wide buildings & 60”wx73”h on all other buildings
  • 40 ~ year metal roof

Shed Warranties

  • LP Smart Side with 5/50 Year Warranty
  • 40-Year Manufacturer Roof Warranty
  • Our Own 12 year Top to Bottom warranty

The process

How to Get the Perfect Outdoor Storage Sheds

Design Your Shed

Once you are ready to purchase your building. Head on over to our 3-D builder and design your shed. Here you are provided with a quote for the price of the building and can make any adjustments that you wish. 

Schedule Your Build

Someone on our team will be in touch with you about your building. Now is the time to ask any questions about the build time, foundation needs or special requests. We are here to make your experience the best it can be.

Use Your Building

After the order and build process, it is time for delivery (lead times will vary). Once your building is delivered we will place and level your building on site. Once set and in place you can start to use your building right away.

Custom Options


Outdoor Storage Shed Add Ons

Trying to make your shed unique and functional for your needs can feel a bit overwhelimgins. That’s why we offer multiple add-on options for your shed. Whether it is an extra window or door we are happy to make your building fit your needs, take a look at all of the features we have to offer to make it all that you want it to be.

Outdoor Storage Shed Building Color Options

Knowing what colors you want your outdoor storage shed to be is important. That is why we have the below color samples to offer you a close representation of what we have to offer. Unfortunately, depending on your computer screen, the colors may look different than the color looks in person. Please use the colors provided as a reference point and not the final authority of the color. To see how our colors look, come and see out sheds in person.