Prefab Sheds in Deer Lodge Montana

Get quality care from a company that has been in the outdoor storage business for 20 years. Montana Structures has a wide range of outdoor storage options like sheds, garages, cabins, and even greenhouses. We custom make your orders so you can rest easy knowing that we pay attention to our customer’s needs and help them achieve their storage goals. We are a local, family-owned company that takes pride in giving our customers the highest quality and best service in the industry. 
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3D Shed Builder in Deer Lodge Montana

Stop spending your money on contractors who don’t give you what you want. Here at Montana Structures, we know how hard you work for your money and how important it is to properly spend it. Let us help you fulfill your storage needs with high-quality sheds that you can customize however you want. You can be sure that you’ll get your money’s worth without us micromanaging everything. Build the outdoor storage shed of your dream today!

Check out our 3D Builder to design the shed that YOU want!

Outdoor Structures in Deer Lodge, Montana

Garages in Deer Lodge Montana


If you’re looking for an outdoor storage option that’s bigger than a shed, we also offer prefab garages to our customers. We have a vast variety of garage styles that’ll fit your property design and protect your car, larger equipment, and tools from extreme weather. You can also choose to use your quality-built garage as a large workspace for any kind of hobby or job. Our garages are available with many customizable options like roofing, windows, doors, and much more. Check out our garages down below!

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Cabins in Deer Lodge Montana


A prefab cabin from Montana Structures might seem like a small change, but it will make all the difference. These professionally built stock of classy and elegant cabins will make the perfect personal getaway. Fitted with functionality and gorgeous designs, our cabins will give you the comfort and happiness that your own home would. Spacious and roomy on the inside, you can even use this outdoor building as a means of passive income by renting it out. Check out our stock down below!

cabins in deer lodge montana