Cabins for Sale in Montana

father and son cabins for sale in montana with porch

Are You Looking for Cabins for Sale in Montana?

With the hunting seasons at hand, you might find yourself thinking about the love of the outdoors and spending time with family. The time you spend bonding and sharing memories… are priceless. Perhaps you want your children to experience hunting or you already hunt together.

Getting away from electronics and spending time together, will be the memories your children will cherish forever.

cabins for sale in montana

There is just something about getting away to your cabin together. Cabins are places for making the best memories with your dad, brother, or your son. While most of the time hunting is something men engage in, there are plenty of wives and daughters who enjoy it too!

Imagine enjoying a rustic cabin with family and/or friends, eating and talking without all the interruptions, getting to know one another, and gaining a deep appreciation for one another. Are you making memories like these? Do you want to make more memories like these?

What Are Prefab Cabins?

You have to have a place to go for these hunting experiences and buying a prefab cabin to put on your property is what you’ll need. We are Montana Structures and we build cabins for sale in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming.

So, what are prefab cabins? These are cabins that are completed or nearly completed at Montana Structures and delivered to you. This is the most cost-effective for you. (Cost would greatly increase if we were to build on your property.)

Prefab cabins make it easier because you can focus on the site preparation. Do you want electricity or plumbing? How finished do you want it? These are some of the things you should consider. In some cases, people will take a prefab cabin and turn it into a small home.

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Our prefab cabins are built using treated 2×4 joists sitting on 4×4 treated skids. This creates a good foundation structure. We also use tongue and groove PerformMax waterproofing flooring. You will be responsible for the foundational plans for where the prefab cabin will rest. How many windows do you want? What kind of door?

We have many options to make this cabin the way you want it!

What Types of Prefab Cabins Are There?

We sell three prefab cabin models with many options to customize it. When customizing these models you can choose the color of paint or stain, different colors of roofing shingles or metal, and interior ad on options also.

Three Models of Prefab Cabins to Choose From:

prefab cabins

Mt Lair Cabins

This model has a 3’ porch that runs the entire length of the front. This provides a covered space for a few people to sit with a coffee or to keep some of your gear.

cabins for sale in montana

Lofted Barn Cabins

This prefab cabin has a porch at one end. There is ample space for 2 or 3 people to sit, and again store some of your outdoor gear. There is also the loft which provides additional sleeping space or storage.

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The Outfitter Cabins

The Outfitter Prefab Cabin has a porch on the end similar to the Lofted Barn Prefab Cabins but does not come with the loft.

How Much Does a Cabin for Sale in Montana Go For?

In each of these models, we provide numerous size options. I will give you a ballpark of the range of cost, but please visit the links provided to see the complete list. Also, please bear in mind that these rates are at the time of this publication and you should fill out our “Free Quote” for updated pricing.

The Mt Lair Cabins floor plan ranges from 12 x 10 to 14 x 36. Whether or not it is painted is a small price increase. For the sake of consistency, I will give you unpainted rates. Let say you want a smaller 12 x 10, it would cost $3,415. For the much larger 14 x 36 you would be looking at $10,520.

The Lofted Barn Cabins floor plan ranges from 8 x 10 for $2,645 to the much larger 14 x 36 for $10, 810. Please bear in mind that the 8 x 10 is 80 square feet for $2,645 and the 14 x 36 is 504 square feet for $10,810. This means you are saving about $5,853.71 on the 14 x 36 since you are paying less for the square footage!

The Outfitter Cabins floor plan ranges from 8 x 12 for $2,775 to 14 x 36 for $10,790.

According to Credit Donkey, the average cost of vacation is $1,145 per person or $4,580 for a family of 4. So, a cabin will pay for itself very quickly. And you will own it!

Making Memories Once You Have Your Prefab Cabin

Once you have found the right prefab cabin, you can plan the family time there. You are investing in experiences, memories, and bonding. This prefab cabin could even change the trajectory of someone’s life. People discover things about themselves and each other when they spend time in your cabin.

Click on “Free Quote” so we can help you figure out which cabin is right for you and your family. We know you love your family and only want to give your family the best you can, so let’s talk and get you the cabin your family has been waiting for.

If you are still not sure yet, then go to our 3D Builder and see some of the many possible designs we can do for you.