Anaconda, Montana

Local, experienced, and family-owned are qualities Montana Structures takes pride in. We focus on personally catering to the needs you have for your prefab sheds. With over 20 years of experience in the field, we are committed to creating the best experience possible for you. We can not wait to serve your needs in Anaconda, Montana, so give us a call.


lofted barn sheds in anaconda montana

Sometimes you need a lot of storage but only have a small amount of space to place a shed. Well, worry no longer because our lofted barn sheds are the answer you have been looking for. Built with tall walls and a loft that runs half the length of the shed, you will be able to store just about anything you can think of. With highly customizable features such as door and window placement as well as paint and staining colors, your shed can be designed to look just the way you hoped.


utility sheds in anaconda

Our Utility Sheds are the true workhorses of our storage shed offerings. With a standard height of 7’ walls, these sheds are perfect for workshops or garden sheds. No matter what you plan to use your Utility Shed for, all of them are built with solid and durable flooring to withstand even the heaviest loads. Start designing your Utility Shed today.


anaconda sheds in anaconda mt

Another popular shed we have to offer is the Anaconda Shed. This shed offers an overhang to give you some added shade or coverage in the event of rain. These sheds are commonly used for garden, lawn, or pool supply storage. However, the use options are endless, so start designing today.


mini barn sheds in anaconda montana

Sometimes the most challenging thing in finding the proper storage solution is affordability. We created the Mini Barn series to help make our sheds viable options no matter the price point. The Portable Mini Barn has a standard feature of a 2′ loft which is great for keeping things organized. Although we offer the Portable Mini Barn at a lower price, it is still built with our quality materials and is durable in harsh weather and other natural forces.

3D Shed Builder in Anaconda Montana

We know how frustrating it is when you spend your hard-earned money on something but receive a subpar product. While we appreciate all that contractors do, we think they should keep you from knowing how to do your project. At Montana Structures, we pride ourselves on giving our customers full control and allowing them to build the shed, garage, or cabin of their dreams. Our goal is to work alongside of you and guide you into the structures that truly suits your needs.  You can be sure that you will receive an outdoor structure that is classy, professionally built, and made to last.

Check out our 3D Builder to design the outdoor shed of your dreams.

Other Outdoor Structures in Anaconda Montana

lofted garages in anaconda montana

Garages in Anaconda Montana

Outside of sheds, we also offer customers with durable and cost effective garages. An outdoor structure that is built by experienced contractors, our professionally built garages will protect your car from harsh weather and will be the best economical option for you. With over a dozen customizable options such as roofing, windows and doors, our garages will fit your property perfectly.

lofted cabins in anaconda montana

Cabins in Anaconda Montana

Personal getaway, man cave, or a living space. These are some of the uses for our beautiful cabins. With proper functionality, and gorgeous designs, you can get the cabin of your dreams from Montana Structures. A cozy spot to relax any day of the week, you can have a getaway, a home away from home in your backyard! Our cabins are versatile and will fulfill all of your cabin dreams.