Poly Gliders and Poly Rockers

Outdoor Rocking Chairs In Montana, Idaho and Wyoming

Are you looking for comfortable and functional additions to your outdoor space? Find what you need with our outdoor rocking chairs and gliders! Whether you place them on your front porch or on your patio, our outdoor rocking chairs are the perfect choice.


Poly Gliders and Poly Rockers

Poly Gliders and Poly Rockers

In Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho

Adirondack Poly Gliders

Add an Adirondack Poly Glider to your porch or patio area for a comfortable seat for relaxing and enjoying the outdoors. These gliders are Amish-built from sturdy, weather-resistant poly-material that withstands the elements with ease. Our outdoor gliders, also know as outdoor rocking chairs, are designed for gentle and smooth rocking motions that will help you unwind and enjoy the peace of the outdoors. Choose from our variety of colors and styles of poly gliders to find the perfect fit for your space!

Swivel Gliders – Adirondack or Classic

Our Swivel Gliders come in two styles– either Classic or Adirondack. Both styles are equipped with heavy-duty bases that swivel a full 360 degrees. Outfit your patio space with a swiveling outdoor rocking chair to give you an easy way to stay engaged with all the conversations going on around you. Soak in the sun and fresh breeze in your new swivel glider!

Plain Polywood Gliders

Plain doesn’t always mean basic and boring. In this case, our Plain Polywood Gliders offer a sleek and elegant seating option for your backyard. Whether you want a comfortable seating area for entertaining friends or you want to create an oasis for alone time, our outdoor rocking chairs will make a great addition to your space. Choose the color and style that best fits your aesthetic and enjoy the outdoor beauty in a new way!

Comfort Poly Rocker

This Comfort Poly Outdoor Rocking Chair provides a new comfort level for outdoor seating. LuxCraft has designed this innovative outdoor rocking chair to give you a sturdy and comfortable place to relax in your backyard. Its contoured back and smooth rocking motion will give you a peaceful way to destress after a long day and enjoy the cool summer evenings on your porch or patio. 

Grandpa’s Polywood Rocker

Are you looking for an iconic addition to your front porch? Grandpa’s Polywood Rocker is what you need to bring a classic and cozy feel to your home. Be reminded of the olden days with these outdoor rocking chairs. These chairs may look like an antique piece of furniture, but they are made with top-quality poly material that will last you for years, even when left out in the weather!

Porch Rocker

Any front porch needs outdoor rocking chairs to make it feel like home. Choose a Porch Rocker from our collection to give your family a place to watch the sunrise with a cup of coffee and then watch the sunset and unwind at the end of the day. These outdoor rocking chairs are made to last you a lifetime. Add a rocking chair to your porch or patio to give your home a welcoming and cozy appearance!

The process

How to Get The Perfect Poly Gliders and Poly Rockers

Download Our Catalog

Download our catalog to see our range of outdoor rocking chairs and gliders. Whichever outdoor chair you choose will give you a relaxing spot for an evening on the porch or morning coffee in the backyard. Find the product you need with our catalog!

Submit Your Order

Contact us when you find the outdoor rocking chair or glider you prefer! We will take it from there and start working on your order. When we receive your order, we will also talk with you about the lead time for your order. 

Start Enjoying

Once your order is complete, we deliver it right to your home! We even offer free delivery if you live within 20 miles of one of our dealers. When your chairs are delivered, it’s time to invite your friends and family over to enjoy an evening in your backyard!

Why Should I Choose An Outdoor Rocking Chair or Glider?

Montana Structures is dedicated to providing our customers with top-quality products. Whether it’s one of our buildings or one of our poly outdoor rocking chairs, we believe each one should be made with the best quality materials available. For our poly furniture, we think there are 5 crucial reasons why an outdoor rocking chair built by LuxCraft is the best choice for you. 

Environmentally friendly 

LuxCraft Poly is composed of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), recycled plastic from post-consumer waste such as milk or detergent bottles. This durable material is cleaned using a decontamination process that cleans it to a purity level of over 99% HDPE. It’s then compounded into solid board stock material that contains over 90% recycled post-consumer waste by weight. 

Essentially Maintenance-Free

These outdoor rocking chairs don’t require waterproofing, staining, or recurring maintenance other than occasional washings with soap and water. An excellent washing option is our Poly 

Furniture Cleaning Kit.

UV Stabilized 

We only use high-color stability UV pigment systems to minimize the breakdown of the material from prolonged exposure to the sun and weather. 

Will Not Deteriorate

LuxCraft Poly is super resistant to moisture, insects, splintering, warping, and other hazards from environmental exposure to wood or wood fiber composite products. 

Stainless Steel Fasteners

All products made by LuxCraft are assembled with 316-grade stainless steel hardware for optimum durability. Stainless steel is stain and corrosion-resistant, ensuring the brilliant shine will last for years with little maintenance.