Deluxe Chicken coop

Chicken Coops In Idaho, Montana And Wyoming

Do you need a space to raise your fresh eggs? Montana Structures builds excellently designed chicken coops that can make raising chickens seem easy! No more crouching to try to find eggs or move around the enclosure for food and water with effortless entry to the enclosure. We design our quality chicken coops with maintenance-free roofing and siding that is available in multiple color options. Start your backyard flock today all for $3,495!


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Standard Features

for Chicken Coops

Accessible Nesting Boxes

Often, nesting boxes are in hard-to-reach areas. Our nesting boxes are on the side of the chicken coop with outside access to collect eggs. Instead of a long process, egg collection is more convenient than ever!

Latchable Door

Your chickens deserve to get outside to scratch and eat grass and bugs. Our well-designed chicken coops have a chicken door to let the chickens run during the day, but it can be closed to keep your chickens safe during the night.


We place two 2’x3’ windows in the side wall of the chicken coop to allow the sunlight into the coop. Your chickens can get up with the sun and start their day while allowing you to sleep in. 

Roosting Perches

Chickens have an instinct to get off the ground at nighttime. Our chicken coops have a roost built into the interior to give your chickens a place to sleep comfortably. 

Convenient entryway

To give you the access that you need, we added a 48” door to our chicken coops. This makes a convenient way to reach the entire interior of the coop. Say goodbye to cramped access!

Chicken Coop Sheds

Chicken Coop Shed Styles

Do you want a larger chicken coop? Each one of our sheds can give you a walk-in chicken coop. We have a range of structures that can be customized into a chicken coop. For an affordable price of $695, our chicken coop add-on can be added to any of the sheds below. If you have any questions, give us a call and ask about our chicken coop package. We recommend that you choose a Utility Shed that is at least 8×12. Curious what a chicken coop shed would look like? Take a look for your self!

Chicken Coop

Shed Coop Package Features

Our Chicken Coop Package will turn your shed into a chicken area that is easy to maintain and access. Our chicken coop add-on comes with the following features: 

  • Indoor Chicken Roosts: Built-in roosts give plenty of space for each chicken to sleep.
  • Metal Nesting Boxes: Give your chickens a clean space to lay their eggs.
  • Custom Sizing: Choose which size of shed you need for your chickens.
  • Door Placement: The door can be on the end or side with the chicken entrance on the opposite side.
  • Pressure Treated Floor: The floor is designed to handle some moisture.
  • Shingle Roof: You can choose between a metal or shingle roof.

The process

How to Get The Perfect Chicken Coop

Design Your Chicken Coop

For your Deluxe chicken coop, visit our shop and see our available inventory. If you would like a quote on a Deluxe model, contact us, and we will get you a price quote. To purchase your shed chicken coop, head to our 3D design tool to build the coop you want with all the features you need. Once you’ve done that, you can get a price quote on your shed design. Begin your chicken-raising journey today!

Schedule Your Build

The next step in the process is to get it on the schedule. Once you’ve submitted a quote, someone from our team will reach out to you to verify the information and answer any questions. We will give you an expected time frame until you receive your coop! Our goal is to work with you to make sure your coop buying process goes as smoothly as possible.

Use Your Building

Whether you get a Deluxe model or a Shed coop, we can deliver it to your property. We will set your chicken coop in the correct location and make sure that it is leveled properly. We want your building to last for time to come! The chicken raising can now begin. Feel the satisfaction of producing fresh eggs for your family!

Custom Options

Chicken Coop Building Color Options

If you like a variety of colors, you have come to the right place. We can offer a wide range of colors for our chicken coop sheds. Choose your favorite color in our 3D Builder to make the ideal chicken coop!